June 6, 2009

You've Got Handwritten Mail

When is the last time you received a casual note in the mail from a friend just to say "hello"? I can't remember either! How nice would it feel to come home after a long day at work and get a card in your mailbox for no particular reason. I would be so happy to receive a note in the mail! Personal communication through handwritten mail is one of the easiest things you can do to make someones day. Writing a note and taking the time to address it, stamp it and walk it to the mailbox, says that you really care about the recipient. It takes time to send a note by hand. Nothing says you care more than taking time out of your day for someone.

When you send an email, it usually gets read while the recipient is at work. It may only skimmed or possibly dismissed all together. It certainly doesn't get the appreciation and attention that comes when you send a note in the mail. 64% of Americans prefer receiving handwritten personal communications to electronic communications. (2005 Greeting Card Association Study) Think about someone you care about and decide that you are going to make his or her day by sending that person handwritten mail. I guarantee you will make the recipient feel nice inside upon receiving your card AND you will make yourself feel nice inside too!

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