June 11, 2009

Make It Yourself: Floral Headband

There are so many ways to create beautiful fashion accessories on a dime. My favorite place to shop for clothes is J.Crew. Recently they have introduced several fun and flirty belts, hats and hair pieces with flower appliques. I was ready to buy one when I checked the price. A headband with a flower was, um $38? Okay news flash, we are in a recession. So I examined the headband to see how it was crafted and I figured I could make a similar looking accessory for the cost of a few art supplies. Here's how to do it...

1) Buy an artificial flower at the craft store that suits you.
2) Cut off the stem so there is one inch left.
3) Use electrical tape to tape down the stem of the flower to the side of a plastic headband. Adjust the flower so that the petals cover the part where the stem is taped.
4) Select a 1/4 inch thick satin ribbon that matches the color of the flower. Start at one end of the headband and glue down the ribbon using a glue gun. (you won't see this part because it will rest behind your ear when you wear it.)
5) Wrap the headband with the ribbon tightly moving along the headband.
6) When you reach the stem just maneuver the ribbon around it and continue wrapping the entire headband.
7) Secure the end of the ribbon to the headband using a hot glue gun.

Voila! You have a stunning hair piece that you designed and created yourself and it only cost you a few dollars! Not only will it be beautiful to wear but it's sure to be a conversation piece too!
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