May 3, 2011

When A Regular Box Just Won't Do!

I recently co-hosted a baby shower for my sister and made cupcake party favors for the guests. I started with my infamous cupcakes in a pink frosting with white nonperils. (She's obviously having a girl!) I ran out of my usual solo cupcake holder boxes and so I hurried over to the box store in Gramercy and bought a dozen plain brown small craft boxes. Shoot these weren't as cute as the ones I buy online but I figured they would do... As I was packing up my pretty pink cupcakes I decided that the brown boxes just wouldn't do and so I did something about it! I created a sweet little party favor box complete with a window to get a sneak peek of the treat inside as well as a little tag to thank the guests for attending the shower.
To make the adorable favor box below it was very easy just follow these steps:

1) Use a paper cutter punch or an exacto knife to cut a window in the top of the box.
2) Cut a small piece of clear plastic and glue it to the inside of the lid of the box.
3) Use a color printer to print out a cute message on heavy card stock. If you don't have a color printer just write a message by hand!
4) Use the same paper cutter or exacto knife to cut a sweet pattern around your message. ("In honor of Jenny's little cupcake! Thanks for coming!", etc...)
5) Decorate as desired!

You can use this window making technique on a variety of different boxes for food and other gifts. These are so cute and are perfect for when a regular box just won't do!

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