December 24, 2010

Footprints Of Santa

I am reposting my most popular post ffrom 2009 "Footprints of Santa" Enjoy!

For those of you lucky enough to have little believers around, I thought of some clever ideas to keep Santa's footprints alive!

-Most of you do this but bake cookies for Santa and leave carrots for the reindeer, if Santa comes, there should only be crumbs left on Christmas morning!
-Sprinkle some of the ashes from the fireplace onto the carpet. Whoops Santa made a mess as he came down the chimney!
-Get some red or white polyfil and leave a little on the edge of the fireplace screen. Santa got caught on his way into the living room!
-Take one of Dad's largest shoes and make footprint in either snow or mud. Santa was walking around outside for a little break in between houses!
-Cut a sponge in the shape of a reindeer hoof. Dip it in some muddy water and create a little trail along the driveway or sidewalk. The reindeer must have been frolicking around while Santa was inside!
-Cut some extra ribbon and leave it anywhere around the house or yard, any trace of Santa will excite the little ones!

There are just a few of my ideas to keep your little believers believing!


December 23, 2010

Wedding Ornaments

In August I attended my cousin Lindsey's wedding. It was a beautful beach wedding and starfish was a theme in the decor. There were starfish everywhere, the bridesmaids even wore starfish necklaces! My aunt who is also very crafty decided to use starfish to hold up the place cards. She positioned the starfish popping out of the sand holding each guests name with their table number. It was really cute. I decided to save a few of the starfish to create something special for the bride and groom. I asked a few people at my table if I could have their starfish too. I carried four starfish home and kept them safe and sound for several months. I would make ornaments for the couple at Christmastime... I just had to make sure I didn't lose them! In December I found my four starfish so I got busy making my ornaments!
I hot glued metal hooks to the backs of each starfish. I tied black and turquoise ribbon to each one for hanging, they were Lindsey's wedding colors! Now I have a set of four pretty startfish ornaments to give my cousin this Christmas. The starfish were straight from her own wedding which makes them even more special. As you attend weddings of friends, think of things you can hold on to a make into ornaments next December. I can't wait to see them on the newlyweds' tree!


December 22, 2010

2011 Christmas Cards

Here are some of my Christmas cards this year!
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