April 10, 2010

Pictures That Sparkle

In addition to my previous post on Chandelier Heaven, there's another way to bring the light of a chandelier into your space. I framed this photograph of a beautiful shabby chic chandelier from a decorating book I own. Hung above a sweet shelf, this picture actually sparkles! Framing light fixtures can give the illusion of more light in a room, try it!


Crisp White Antique Frames

While I was home for Easter, I rummaged through my parents' attic for antique wooden picture frames. I found a few that I painted a crisp white and when I got back to New York I assembled them on a large blank wall in my living room. I will eventually add more white frames to my wall and I'm hoping to find an oval shaped one at the antique flea market. Below is the result so far, simple and charming!

Decorating With Plates

Decorating a wall using pretty plates is simple and beautiful. I love collecting china, especially antique china. I chose several walls in my apartment to decorate with plates!

Tips for hanging plates:
• Generally plates should be about 3-4 inches apart from each other when you are grouping them together.
• Use plate hangers with a spring. Make sure to buy the appropriate size hanger for each plate being hung.
• Map out your plate design on a wide open space like a kitchen island or floor. Before you begin arranging your plates, put paper down so you can trace your finished design and use it as a wall template.
• You can also trace each plate on paper and cut out its shape. When deciding on a wall arrangement, tape the paper plates to the wall with painters tape. You can move them around on your wall to visualize your design before you put holes in your wall.
• If a plate has decorative holes on its edge such as a lace plate, you can hang it using ribbon.

Any room will do! Hanging plates isn’t just for kitchen d├ęcor. You can hang plates in the powder room or entryway, even the bedroom! Hanging plates around a window frame, artwork or mirror is pretty. You can hang plates above a window to simulate curtains or along a backsplash that isn’t tiled like mine. Have fun with it and get creative!

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