July 10, 2010

Write As If No One Is Reading

When I originally started this blog I was writing just for myself. I had recently shut down a cupcake catering business that became too difficult to run alone and I felt a creative void in my life. I started to fill my time with small art projects, random as many of them may seem, and I suddenly started writing about them...

I didn't publish my blog for 6 months after starting it because I was almost embarrassed about some of the subject matter. I didn't have plans to publish it until one day I starting talking about it to a friend. I realized that I had an urge to share my blog with others, not necessarily the subject matter in the posts, but share the happiness I found in all of it. I created a name for my blog and designed a template for the posts and suddenly I was running "Caroline's Pink Envelope". I honestly had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging (and I still don't). All I know is that I write about all of the things that I love the most and now the blog has slowly become a hodge podge of unconnected art projects, baking posts, craft ideas, decorating posts and lifestyle posts. By highlighting the smallest actions in my life that bring me joy, I am discovering my passion and I'm fulfilling a part of my life that I have made a priority.

Balance is the foundation behind me starting this blog. Many people may be surprised to know that I absolutely love my corporate job. I love to put on a suit in the morning, head to work, bust my butt and feel important in the workplace. Balance for me is coming home and sewing curtains for a friend because I am creative at heart and that side of me hasn't been fulfilled all day. Caroline's Pink Envelope helps me achieve balance and share it with others and for that reason it has changed my life.

They always say: dance as if no one is watching. To this day, I don't know who is reading. I know the number of hits I get per week (around 400), but I don't know the people behind those statistics. I have no idea what lives I am touching, if any, because I am still writing for myself. I just write as if no one is reading.

Whether you love art like me or whether it's something else that makes you "tick", Caroline's Pink Envelope is inspiration for everyone out there who is searching for a passionate, yet balanced life. Make whatever it is that fulfills you a priority, engage in whatever that is and do it as if no one is watching.
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