June 27, 2010

Decorating Open Shelves

I just had to share a photograph of my open shelving solution in my bathroom. Open shelves can easily bring clutter into a room so figure out a way to display attractive items while concealing unattractive items. Shelves can be a wonderful focal point in a room if items are arranged properly. Try using baskets to hide items or even create a little custom curtain as I have done using a small handmade valance and a simple tension rod. I used the leftover fabric to sew matching basket liners to pull the whole look together. I think the shelves came out great, don't you?!!


Just Add Trim

I recently made a trip to M and J Trimmings in New York City in search of special ribbon for invitations for a bridal shower I helped plan. This store has virtually every type of ribbon that you could possibly desire and they also carry hundreds of styles of trim for sewing projects. While I was purchasing the ribbon for the invitations, I came across some pretty white cotton ruffle trim. It was so pretty and such a good deal ($3 a yard) that I purchased a yard of it and figured I would eventually find a use for it in my apartment. Well, I did find a great place to use it! I sewed it onto my plain white hand towels to add a feminine touch. With the addition of the white ruffle trim, the hand towels are now quite pretty and fit in well with my bathroom decor. I am so happy I found use for the trim. What an easy and inexpensive way to make an ordinary towel extraordinary!
The picture below shows the before (left towel) and after (right towel).


June 13, 2010

A Savvy Woman's Treasure

I was out in East Hampton again this weekend and I couldn't help but stop by a yard sale at our neighbor's house. I went over a little late by yard sale standards (the early birds usually get all of the good stuff) but I scored with a silver tray that I snagged for only $1! The nice thing about going late to yard sales is that people are basically giving away their stuff at the end. The tray was in really, really bad shape but I figured I'd work at it and I could always toss it if I couldn't get the tarnish out. Well, I just worked at it for about an hour after arriving back in the city and already it looks great! I'll work at it again later (my arms are too tired to finish the project) but I wanted to post a picture because I'm so happy about it. This summer take advantage of the plentiful yard sales in your area because one woman's trash is another savvy woman's treasure!

June 11, 2010

The Deal Of The Century

I can't help myself from blogging about my new silver trays. I just love the look of pretty silver and antique pieces are my absolute favorite. I guess every girl has a little grandma in her, haha! I have been eyeing two gorgeous (and tarnished) sterling silver trays in an antique shop on my Upper East Side street. Last weekend I decided to make a move on them. After a weekend of bargaining, walking away from the store and then coming back with my tail between my legs because I really DID want the trays, I finally got the pieces home for what I perceived as a great deal. Oh my, I spent the ENTIRE evening on Monday polishing my silver. I think it was several hours but I just couldn't stop unveiling the beauty under the tarnish. I swear that I scored the deal of the century. Both trays were heavily tarnished and their value was overlooked by other antique shoppers. Lucky me with black hands and exhausted arms, I now have two gorgeous and valuable home decor pieces that I just HAD to blog about. Ladies, lessons to learn here:

1) Look closer for the hidden gems out there, pretty pieces are out there so bargain and buy!
2) Everything fabulous takes a little work but as long as you enjoy the work, it's worth it, so polish away!

Enjoy the pictures (they are much prettier in person). I am so thrilled I can't take it!

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