February 11, 2012

How To Make A Paper Party Ball

Ever seen those cute paper party balls hanging from the ceiling at an event? Paper party balls easily transform a space into a celebratory venue and aren't as standard as let's say balloons. If you purchase paper party balls at the store they will run about $5 each. Here's a way to make your own party balls and the materials should come out to about $1 each! You can make smaller ones to put on top of presents too!

What you will need:
- 1 tissue paper packet (the standard size that come folded).
- Scissors
- String

1) Start by unfolding the the standard tissue paper pack. You will have about 5 to 10 rectangle sheets laying on top of one another. (If the pack only gives you five sheets you can always double up!)
2) Start folding the tissue paper (on the shorter width of the rectangle) about and inch wide like an accordion until you get to the end of the tissue paper. You should have long strip of tissue paper that fans out a bit!
3) Pinch the middle of the strip and tie a long piece of string around it.
4) Fan out your tissue paper and gently begin separating each pice of tissue paper from one another. Be careful not to rip the delicate tissue.
5) Hang your pretty party ball by the string and admire your work.

Not bad for $1 right? Have fun at the party!

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