June 24, 2009

Make It Yourself: Seashell Frame

It's summertime and what's better than a day at the beach! Searching for seashells is a great beach activity for children and adults too! There are many craft ideas that incorporate seashells, but one of my favorites is picture frame making.

During a recent trip to Sanibel Island in Florida with my family, I was wowed by all of the beautiful seashells. Together with my sister Jenny, we embarked on a shelling excusion. Who says shelling excursions are only for kids? We even dragged my sister's husband Bill along, what a guy! We spent hours on the beach searching for the prettiest little shells and found great delight in finding the most unusual looking shells. After the vacation, I brought all of my shells home and began crafting. I made a frame for my wall that was easy and fun:

1) Collect several handfuls of small shells on the beach, clean with soap and water and let dry.
2) Select any white wooden picture frame with a flat surface.
3) Place the shells around the frame covering the entire frame. Try to fit the shells together like a puzzle to conseal the wooden frame beneath.
4) Use a hot glue gun to fix each shell to the wooden frame.
5) Glue each end of a white grosgrain ribbon to the back of the frame so it's ready for hanging. You may want to Pull off the cardboard stand from the back of the frame so it rests flush against your wall.
6) Place a picture of your beach vacation in the frame.

How pretty! Not only did you save a lot of money by making the seashell frame yourself, but it carries memories of your shelling excursion and a great place to display vacation photos!
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