June 14, 2009

Feel Fantastic By The Weekend

On the drive back to the city from Southampton, my summer housemate posed a question to the rest of us in the car: Girls, what can I do for myself in the next week to look and feel great by next weekend? (Susie was geering up for a trip to London with her man) The rest of us all shared our suggestions with her and I decided I want to pass our ideas along.

Simple steps to feeling fantastic by next weekend:
-Drink lots and lots of water this week.
-Wake up early every morning and start the day with a quick 20 minute powerwalk.
-No alcohol at all this week.
-Limit carbs to breakfast and lunch only this week.
-Limit salt for the week, no adding salt to anything.
-Get a manicure and pedicure on Thursday so you feel polished this weekend.
-Go to bed an hour early every night this week (Tell your friends you will talk to them on the phone next week, it will save you lots of time for sleep this week!)
-Workout at the gym or go for a run at least three times this week.
-Moisturize your skin before bed and apply vaseline to your lips so they are soft when you wake up!
-Skip dessert all week (if you need to end the day on "sweet" allow a single Hershey's kiss to do the trick without bringing the guilt!)

With five heads in the car, this is the list we created. I hope this list inspires you to make some simple changes (just for the week) so you feel fantastic by the weekend. Have a great week ladies!


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