June 3, 2009

Everyone Needs A Hobby

A group of my friends were sitting around chatting one day about my love of arts and crafts. I was being teased because arts and crafts are kind of nerdy, but I didn't mind because I love my hobby! During our chat, my friend Julie (sorry Jul) "confessed" that she enjoys knitting. My roommate (sorry Kate) piped up that she loves needlepoint. What??? I was so excited to hear this!! Why are girls hiding these crafty hobbies? Hobbies are wonderful additions to our lives but surprisingly, too many of us busy New Yorkers forget to engage in our hobbies. I truly think that everyone needs a hobby. Whether it's an artsy hobby like mine, an athletic hobby or an intellectual hobby, we all need one to free us from stress and worry. Hobbies keep us happy and stimulated and have nothing to do with our jobs. Not sure what your hobby is?

The last time I did _____ I just loved it!
Wow, I am pretty good at doing _____ and I enjoy it!
When I am sad, doing _____ makes me feel better.
When I was little I used to love to_____.
I could do _____ for hours and it feels like minutes.

Hobbies are activities that come easily. If you are taking classes to get better at an activity, that may be a hobby, but only if it doesn't bring stress into your life. Whatever your hobby is, discover it, embrace it, share it and love it. No hobby is too common or too nerdy. Lets face it, in these gloomy economic times everyone needs a little sunshine. Everyone needs a hobby!


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