February 1, 2010

Just Like New!

Hold on a sec, are you sure you want to throw that away? Recently I decided that I wanted a new winter coat. There was nothing wrong with my old coat but I was itching to get a new one to wear. After browsing the pathetic looking sales racks, my guilt set in and I decided against buying a new coat just to satisfy the itch. Instead, I decided to make my wool coat feel "new" by simply changing the buttons. I ran over to the button district here in New York and there was SUCH a selection of buttons. To my delight I found exactly what I wanted. Off to the tailor I went with my old coat, new buttons and a smile.They charge only $2 to change a button so I decided on that route... I mean who can be bothered with needles and thread? (Sewing is one thing I do NOT do!)  My coat looks brand new and several friends have complimented me on my "new" coat, haha fabulous!

The coat story inspired me to share a few fun ideas on making something old feel just like new!

-Clothing: Shorten an old long skirt, have a pocket added to pants or have an embellishment sewn on a top... your tailor can do just about anything you desire.
-Home decor: Add a fresh new pillow to your couch or a new lampshade for an old lamp.
-Monogram: Bring a new identity to an old sweater, fabric bag, pillow etc.
-Upholstery: If it's just a simple seat cushion you can easily upholster it yourself with some new fabric and a staple gun. Ottomans are also easy to do yourself.
-Furniture: Paint an old coffee table a bold new color or decoupage a wooden frame for a new unique look.

There are so many ways to make an old item feel just like new. Before you replace it, consider what you could do with it to just love, love, love it again. You'll be so proud of yourself!
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