February 7, 2010

End Zone Brownies

It's Superbowl Sunday and naturally my roommate Kate and I are having a few friends over for football. We have chili, dips, chips and snacks galore and best of all... we have end zone brownies! They are easy to make and super cute to display. Just use a simple boxed brownie recipe, whip up some colored buttercream frosting and go to town decorating. Here's the frosting recipe and other things you'll need:

-Store bought brownie mix
-Rectangular pan
-Buttercream frosting (2 sticks unsalted butter, one teaspoon vanilla, a pinch of salt and 3 cups confectioner's sugar all whipped with a hand mixer)
-Food coloring to color the frosting
-Frosting piping bag and small piping tip

Bake the brownies as directed in a rectangular pan, let cool and make your colored frosting. Use the colored frosting to decorate your heart away! How cute are these? (Now please note that I ran out of space for the 20 and 50 yard lines haha, but hopefully no one will notice and they won't care once they take a bite because these are deeeelicious!) Go Saints!

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