February 21, 2010

Creating Silhouettes

This time next week I will be blogging from the Upper East Side. Yep, that's right I'm moving and that means I'm going to write a lot of posts on decorating! Well, I FINALLY decided on my design scheme for my bedroom. I went back and forth because I love so many styles, but I'm thrilled to announce that I'm designing a Victorian bedroom. I chose Victorian style because it's just so pretty and inviting. It's also feminine and luxurious which works well for a female bedroom. A Victorian room would not be complete without framed silhouettes. They are classic and striking and very inexpensive to create. Here's how to make them.

Photoshop: If you have Photoshop here's what to do...
1) Take a profile picture or a picture of a object, preferably on a white background.
2) Open photoshop and select the background for removal using the wand tool. Once highlighted, go to edit and cut.
3) Go to image and select adjustments and then desaturate to remove all of the color.
4) Go to adjustments and select brightness/contrast. Both lower the brightness and increase the contrast.
5) Use the paint tool to fill in black where necessary.
6) Save your image, print and frame!

Internet Images: You can use ready made silhouette images from the internet...
1) Google "silhouette images" to find royalty free images that are already black with a white background. Right click on the image, click edit and copy to copy the image. Open a word document and click edit and paste so you can adjust the image size, print and frame!
2) Try istockphoto.com to purchase images from a greater selection bank for a small fee. This gives you the right to the images and the selection is stellar. Once the file is purchased add it to a word document, adjust the size, print and frame!

Try clustering a bunch of framed silhouette images on the wall for a beautiful look. Vary the size and shape of the frames, and stick with antique style frames for a most authentic look. (I'm going to do this once I get into my new place so stay tuned for the result!) Here are a bunch of silhouettes I am using for the project. All of the images were printed on ivory colored cardstock. So pretty, right?!

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