June 11, 2010

The Deal Of The Century

I can't help myself from blogging about my new silver trays. I just love the look of pretty silver and antique pieces are my absolute favorite. I guess every girl has a little grandma in her, haha! I have been eyeing two gorgeous (and tarnished) sterling silver trays in an antique shop on my Upper East Side street. Last weekend I decided to make a move on them. After a weekend of bargaining, walking away from the store and then coming back with my tail between my legs because I really DID want the trays, I finally got the pieces home for what I perceived as a great deal. Oh my, I spent the ENTIRE evening on Monday polishing my silver. I think it was several hours but I just couldn't stop unveiling the beauty under the tarnish. I swear that I scored the deal of the century. Both trays were heavily tarnished and their value was overlooked by other antique shoppers. Lucky me with black hands and exhausted arms, I now have two gorgeous and valuable home decor pieces that I just HAD to blog about. Ladies, lessons to learn here:

1) Look closer for the hidden gems out there, pretty pieces are out there so bargain and buy!
2) Everything fabulous takes a little work but as long as you enjoy the work, it's worth it, so polish away!

Enjoy the pictures (they are much prettier in person). I am so thrilled I can't take it!

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