June 13, 2010

A Savvy Woman's Treasure

I was out in East Hampton again this weekend and I couldn't help but stop by a yard sale at our neighbor's house. I went over a little late by yard sale standards (the early birds usually get all of the good stuff) but I scored with a silver tray that I snagged for only $1! The nice thing about going late to yard sales is that people are basically giving away their stuff at the end. The tray was in really, really bad shape but I figured I'd work at it and I could always toss it if I couldn't get the tarnish out. Well, I just worked at it for about an hour after arriving back in the city and already it looks great! I'll work at it again later (my arms are too tired to finish the project) but I wanted to post a picture because I'm so happy about it. This summer take advantage of the plentiful yard sales in your area because one woman's trash is another savvy woman's treasure!
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