June 27, 2010

Just Add Trim

I recently made a trip to M and J Trimmings in New York City in search of special ribbon for invitations for a bridal shower I helped plan. This store has virtually every type of ribbon that you could possibly desire and they also carry hundreds of styles of trim for sewing projects. While I was purchasing the ribbon for the invitations, I came across some pretty white cotton ruffle trim. It was so pretty and such a good deal ($3 a yard) that I purchased a yard of it and figured I would eventually find a use for it in my apartment. Well, I did find a great place to use it! I sewed it onto my plain white hand towels to add a feminine touch. With the addition of the white ruffle trim, the hand towels are now quite pretty and fit in well with my bathroom decor. I am so happy I found use for the trim. What an easy and inexpensive way to make an ordinary towel extraordinary!
The picture below shows the before (left towel) and after (right towel).


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