December 15, 2009

It's All In The Envelope

This post is proof that it's all in the envelope! How much fun is it to find a greeting card envelope in a pile of junk mail? I always save my cards to open last! Your envelopes can stand out even more with a little creativity using some of these ideas.

-Use gold or silver paint pens to write the address and return address
-Create clean and easy polka dots, snowflakes or swirls using glitter glue
-Apply stickers and embellishments and attach well
-Write the return address in a unique way (along vertical edge of the envelope or in a circle on the back of the envelope)
- Purchase post office stamps for the holiday season
- Write words or sentiments along the edge or on the back of the envelope
- Create a design by hand for the address to be placed inside (bookplate, antique sign etc.)
- Use a small, simple rubber stamp to decorate the envelope with ink impressions
- Wrap your envelope in a bow with ribbon or draw on a bow with markers

These ideas also come in handy when you are giving a gift card as a present and want to spice up the envelope.
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