December 6, 2009

Christmas Party Ideas

Oh, it's just my favorite time of year. My planner is jammed packed with holiday get togethers. What a great time to catch up with friends and see everyone you care about just before Christmas! I have attended some fabulous gatherings already this season and I thought I'd share a list of some holiday party themes I've collected and a couple of my own ideas too!

1) Send a paper invitation if you can! Your party will be off to a great start and it will stand out. A little extra time and effort makes a big statement.

2) "White Elephant Party" Contemporary verson of a Secret Santa. The rules of the gift exchange are a follows: Each guest brings a gift valued at a set amount. Upon arrival each guest picks a number out of a hat between 1 and the number of people who attended. #1 picks a gift and shows the group what she got. #2 can either steal one of the opened gifts or pick one of the unwrapped gifts in the pile. The game continues on until each guest has a gift in hand. There are a few side rules, you can't take your own gift home, you can't steal back your gift if your gift is stolen from you. Each gift can only be stolen twice and then it stays with the lucky recipient.

3) "The Cookie Exchange" SUCH a cute idea. Here are the rules: The host lets each guest know how many bakers will be attending. Each guest then chooses a cookie flavor and okays it with the host and gives the host the recipe (this ensures variety) Then each guest bakes from scratch a half a dozen cookies for each party attendee and wraps each set up nicely in cute holiday packaging. Upon arrival at the party, the host will display all of the beautifully packaged treats. The cookie exchange then takes place. Each baker stands up and hands out her cookie pack and shares what flavor cookie is inside. After the party each guest will have the recipes emailed to her by the host so guests can bake the cookies at home after sampling them! It's so cute, even non bakers will enjoy!

4) "The Tacky Christmas Party" This one is fun for those with creativity and personality. It is similar to a tacky Christmas sweater party where each guest wears the most hideous Christmas sweater they own, BUT it takes it to the next extreme. You can wear glowing buttons, dress in costume, bring tacky cups for drinking, wear tacky hats and jewelry. Let's face it, sometimes it too hot inside to wear a tacky sweater!

5) "Around the World Christmas Party" Each guest brings a holiday dish representative of their culture. Bring a dish no one is already familiar with. The host should collect the recipes via email beforehand and send out the recipes after the party.

6) "White Christmas Party" Deck the halls (and yourself) white. Decorations include white lights, snow, snowflakes, snowmen, snow globes, white candles, white fur, sleds, white food, egg nog, white russians, white hot chocolate. This party is so fun and leaves a lot of room to be creative!

7) "Gingerbread Cookie Party" Everyone LOVES gingerbread, but hates to make it because there are over a dozen ingredients in the dough. At this party the host pre-makes tons of gingerbread dough and invites the girls over to roll up their sleeves, roll out the dough and cut out and decorate the cookies themselves. While the cookies are baking, ladies can mingle and snack and after the cookies are baking the host has prepared royale icing so ladies can further embellish the cookies. Each guest leaves with yummy cookies in hand. Such a fun and interactive afternoon gathering!

8) "Tree Trimming" Awh my school growing up did a tree trim every year right before school let out and it brings me the fondest memories as will your own tradition. This party is great for newlyweds so they can jumpstart their ornament collection. The host or hosts get a big fat Christmas tree and invite friends and family over to trim the tree. The host provides the beverage and food and the guests will each provide an ornament that will be reminscent of them for years to come!

9) If you are the guest, please RSVP. It is French for "respond please" so the host is asking you to do so. The host thought of you when choosing to invite you so please take a moment and return the favor:)

10) Send a thank you note. A thank you via mail conveys a most genuine sentiment. A phone call will do as well.

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