August 12, 2009

Thoughtful Hostess

Last week I took the train to Boston to visit my dear friend Courtney. Always a hostess, Courtney put together some useful items that came in handy during my stay. She inspired me to share some ideas on being a fabulous hostess!

Assemble a little pile of items for your guest to use during her stay. Leave the pile on the guest bed or if your guest is sleeping on the couch (ah um New Yorkers) put the items in a basket next to the couch. Some or all of these ideas will make your guest feel most welcome!

-fresh towels and wash cloth
-travel size soap and other toiletries
-water bottle
-a few recent magazines
-city map or activity brochures
-a spare key
-metro or bus pass
-gym pass (most gyms will give you a freebie)
-extra hairdryer or cell phone charger
-welcome note

Your guest will love the simple assortment of useful items (many you already own, fantastic!). Fresh flowers bring warmth to your guest room too. Thank you Courtney, how thoughtful!


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