July 7, 2011

A Decorating Tip

How many times have you been in a store and seen a home decor item such as a pillow and purchased it only to bring it home and realize that it doesn't quite match the colors that are already in your room? Shoot this can be so annoying when you are tryng to decorate a room using multiple fabrics and you want everything to blend nicely. Unless you are purchasing your entire living room from page 4 of Potterybarn where everything is pre-matched for you, you are going to run into this problem. If only I had a piece of the couch and chair fabric to tote along... but who has the fabric if you buy something pre-upholstered? 

To solve the issue I went to the paint store and browsed the blues and greens, looking for swatches that matched my upholstered furniture. "This looks like my blue, no wait I think it's more like this...eek!!" I had to bring home several swatches to make sure at least one of them matched up to my blue and green striped living room. In my pile of paint swatches I was thrilled to find a blue strip and a green strip that matched the tones of my fabric perfectly! Woo hoo!!  I marked the colors on the swatch and now I keep these swatches in my wallet at all times so if I see something in a store that I love, I can easily check if it matches my color scheme! I recently just brought the swatches to the fabric store to buy matching solid fabric to make curtains for the room! Thank goodness I had my swatches in my purse or I would have been way off in choosing my fabric!

The best part about using paint swatches is that they give you lighter and darker versions of your shade of color. I hope my decorating tip helps!


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