November 30, 2010

Pillows Galore

Have I been busy or what? To all of my readers out there I sincerely apologize for my absence these past fews weeks. While I haven't been blogging, I certainly have been crafting! Here are some comfy and pretty pillows I've made recently for friends and family. Pillows are the easiest place to start when teaching yourself how to sew. They are SO inexpensive to create yet tend to cost so much money in stores, how dare they! Trust me, they are easy as pie, (still thinking about my last post I guess!) and you don't need a machine to make them! The key is to measure really well and stitch really small so they are durable when you throw them around. My sister calls the pillows I made her "Winnie proof" as in Winnie her dog. For big pillows go with 20 inches squared and for smaller pillows 16 inches squared. I stuff mine with Polyfil which is very inexpensive from the craft store and hypoallergenic for those who are allergic to down like myself. Why not create a nice red holiday pillow to give your couch that festive look? When you realize how small the effort for how great the reward, you'll be making pillows galore!

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