August 2, 2010

Cupcakes To Go!

No, I am NOT passing along my infamous cupcake recipies, hahaha! However I AM posting a picture of a porcelian cupcake stand that I own filled with my delicious vanilla cupcakes. How pretty is this piece for entertaining? Whenever I host a party, I make my cupcakes for dessert and display them as decoration on this delicate three tiered stand.

Behind the pretty cupcake display are little individual cupcake boxes. Each guest can take home a cupcake on their way out the door! Most people don't eat very much at cocktail parties and I always find that I have too much food at the end of the party. (It's always better to over estimate than under in my opinion) Giving guests the option to take home dessert is a great way to make your cupcake display serve another purpose!  Here is dessert, here is decoration and here is a cupcake to go!


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