August 5, 2010

Pretty Curtains

Here are some pretty curtains I made for my friend Liz!
Here are some of my tips for designing curtains:

-If your windows are large and deep, try using a tension rod. Long panels can over power a room with large windows.
-Tension rods should sit half way between the distance between the window and the wall.
-If using a decorative rod, hang it higher above the window and wider than the window width to make the window appear larger.
-The length of a window valance should be no longer than 25% of the window length.
-When choosing fabric, hold it up to the light. Some fabrics are more transparent than they seem.
- Panels hung on the wall next to the window make a window feel much wider.
- Curtains are for decorative purposes only. Use separate sheers or blinds for privacy and light altering functions.
- Ribbons are an easy and inexpensive use for tie backs.
- If your walls are papered or painted with a pattern, choose a neutral fabric for curtains.
- White curtains are never a bad choice! When it doubt go white- it exudes cleanliness and enhances light.

Below are curtains I made for myself!


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