January 2, 2010

Post Holiday Cleaning Tips

Before heading back to work on Monday, you may be taking time this long weekend to put away the holiday décor, take down the tree and get your home organized and cleaned. Here are some useful post holiday cleaning tips.

-Store ornaments in egg crates. The separate compartments will keep them from breaking.
-To remove the remnants of candle wax from a glass votive, freeze the votive and the wax will come out easily.
-When cleaning the fridge, never use disinfectants. Foods will pick up taste and odor. Vinegar and water work nicely.
-Add detergent to the washer first before adding your laundry. Pouring detergent on clothing can cause fabrics to fade.
-After dusting electronics, use a dryer sheet to wipe down TV and computer screens. The anti-static in the dryer sheet repels dust and dirt.
-Remove pet orders in the carpet by sprinkling baking soda and then vacuuming.
-Drain de-clogger recipe: 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup vinegar. Pour baking soda down drain first then follow with the vinegar. Close drain and let sit until bubbling has stopped. Pour a bucket of hot boiling water and your drain should be clear.
-After you wipe down a mirror with glass cleaner, go back over it with a dry paper towel to avoid streaks.
-Lemon extract will remove scuff marks from luggage if you just got back from a vacation.
-Vinegar and water will remove salt stains from shoes and boots if you have been trekking around in snow.

Once your place is clean…
-Spray a bit of perfume on a light bulb to create a lovely soft scent in the room
-To maintain a fresh aroma in the house, place a fabric softener sheet at the bottom of each waste basket.

Cleaning your place doesn't have to be a daunting task. If you do one or two small chores a day, you’ll never have to spend a whole day cleaning. Start off your next work week with a clean slate by doing some quick post holiday chores this weekend!

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