July 19, 2009

Stop And Smell The Roses

On the way home from work last Friday I stopped at the local bodega and bought myself two dozen white roses. They looked so fresh that I couldn't resist. I have this beautiful rose bowl that my mom bought for me from Kate Spade. It's one of the prettiest things I own. I just love it and I was excited for myself to have an excuse to use it. When my roommate Kate got home from work she exclaimed how pretty the roses looked. I know!!!! Here are some tips I collected to make the most of your flowers:

1) Always use a clean vase.
2) Cut the stems on an angle to maximize the the space for the flowers to take in the water.
3) Remove all of the leaves which will be under the water while in the vase.
4) Add the flower food supplied by the florist, sugar can be used as an alternative.
5) Change the water every other day.
6) Buy flowers with buds or that are half open, you will be able to enjoy watching them open and they'll last longer
7) Never place your floral arrangements in full sun or over a radiator.
8) The best place for your flowers is in a cool room.

It's now Sunday and we are enjoying the roses that have almost fully bloomed. I have stopped to smell the roses a handful of times today and it really made my weekend. It's true that sometimes the best ideas are right under your nose!
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