April 7, 2013

Chalk Paint

My latest discovery is Chalk Paint. You have to google it and find out what store near you carries it but it's the easiest paint to work with so it's worth the hunt! No sanding the piece before hand, no priming either and it dries quickly so you can easily add a second coat right away. It's amazing and with just two simple coats I was able to revive an old wooden nightstand for my new apartment for that Paris chic look! 
Take a look at the before and after. I even redid the handles using gold leaf paint from the hardware store. What a shiny new look to an old drabby piece! Now that I've found Chalk Paint, Martha is on the loose for old furniture to revive! Oh and one more thing, it's non toxic so you won't die of fumes if you paint in small spaces (I painted this Friday night in my apartment and went to bed and woke up fine on Saturday lol)!!

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