October 1, 2009

SUCH Ideas For Halloween

Do you ever come up with a great idea and think to yourself How did that just pop into my head? I imagine that other creative folks think the same thing all the time too. The act of coming up with a creative idea is very exciting. I had lunch with my old co-worker Terrence this week and I asked him what his two little baby girls were going to be for Halloween. He wasn't sure so we began to think of ideas...

I've always loved the idea of making my own costume. I don't mean sewing necessarily, just thinking up a unique idea and figuring out a way to make it happen. Sort of like having thoughts in your head and finding the right words to articulate them. So the idea I posed to Terrence was that his family should dress up as s'mores. Haha, yes the ones you eat at campfires! Don't ask me why this idea randomly popped into my head but it did and we began to roll with it. Mom and Dad can dress as graham crackers using brown cardboard sheets over their clothes. One year old Lucia can go as chocolate by wearing a brown sweatsuit and paper cone hat covered in tin foil with a hershey's kiss tag coming out of the top. Baby Ava can go as the marshmellow, all wrapped up in white blankets. How cute!

This morning I was sitting in the cab texting Terrence that he should definitely do the group s'mores costume and that I would be happy to make Lucia's hat. Suddenly, another idea popped into my head. Oh, the excitement is back- I love it! Anyway, my idea was another family costume where everyone dresses up as a type of donut. Dad can be a french crowler, Mom can be a vanilla glazed donut, and baby Lucia and baby Ava can go as munchkins. How cute again!

Well, the purpose of the post is not to give you costume ideas this year, but it is to encourage you to think outside the box this Halloween. Once you have a fun and creative idea, go ahead and make the costume yourself. It doesn't really matter how the costume turns out, it's the idea and creativity behind it that will get all of the attention you are seeking. When you come up with your creative idea you may even get that really excited feeling too!
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