September 1, 2009

Girls Only!

Last year I joined an NFL survivor pool through a friend of a friend. Basically I paid $100 to enter the pool of 80 and I took my chance each week at picking different winning teams to advance to the next week. I was eliminated by October but I had fun watching and caring about games I wouldn't normally give a hoot about. I had enough of a good time that when I got an email from the pool leader today to sign up again for 2009, I thought: yeah sure, I'll do it again this year! Well... When I went to the website to sign up, I discovered that I could start my own pool. To my ultimate delight, I did just that- set up a "Girls Only NFL Survivor Pool" for me and 20 girlfriends!

Yep that's right! Move over boys, the girls have it under control and we are doing one ourselves this year. The best part of running my own pool is that I can set it up however I wish, survivor style, fantasy football style and so on... I decided to stick with survivor, I mean who do I think I am am trying to run a fantasy pool??Haha! So I set up double elimination to prolong the fun and it's only $20 a girl. I mean no one expects to win the pool- it's all about the excitement along the way anyway!

So that's my great idea for the night: Start a football pool just for the girls this year. Here's the site ladies!

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